Does Your Piano Cost More than Your House?

Why You Should Always Use a Professional Piano Moving Company  to Move a Piano


A piano moving company specializes in moving pianos from one house to another. Regardless of whether it is moving it between two floors or moving it across country, moving a piano requires a lot of skill and experience to prevent scratches on the piano and injury to the movers. To be able to move a piano safely and with no risk to the movers and the owner, the mover has to use specialized equipment and methods, in addition to full comprehensive insurance.


Often homeowners that are relocating attempt to cut costs by roping in friends and family to move their furnishings, but when transporting a piano, it is better to call in an expert. Pianos are heavy; depending on the type of piano, they range from 300 to 1,500 pounds. Plus, their bodies and internal workings are fragile and can be damaged easily. An experienced and trained mover will have the knowledge to move instruments safely.


Depending upon how heavy a piano is and the complexity of the job, a mover normally works in a team with other movers, ranging from 2 to 5 professionals. The movers will use two sets of equipment – these are pads and a moving dolly. A piano dolly has a flat bed which is on castors. The instrument is then tied onto the dolly so it can be pushed over level floors. Moving pads are thick pieces of cloth that are wrapped around a piano, stopping any marks or scratches on its body when it is maneuvered through tight spaces.


While moving a piano through a single story house is simple, sometimes the job of a piano moving company can be more difficult. If they are moving a piano which does not fit through doors, the movers may have to remove the piano’s legs and lid. If they have to transfer a piano from a top floor down to the street, the movers may need to use a special crane to move the piano down the stairs or sometimes via a window.


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