Four Reasons Why People Move

Why a Quality Moving Company Will Always Stay in Business


Thousands of people move all over the world every day. However, why do we move so regularly?


The biggest percentage of people who move are young and adventurous 18-35 year old people, with the middle 20s taking up the highest percentage. Once a person reaches their 50s, they tend to move less, and people that are over 70, represent less than 2% of the moving percentage.


The average individual or family uses a moving company approximate every 6 years. For a small percentage of people, they will reside in the same house most of their life and experience only a few moves; however, others, such as defence force personnel families move around  every 1 to 3 years.


Expanding family

People that have younger children tend to move the bigger distances. As their family starts to grow and their children require extra space, a bigger house is usually decided to fulfil a family’s requirements. Sometimes an extension or renovation is an excellent choice; however, with most cases, it is cheaper to just look for a bigger house.


Changing relationship:

This is another big reason for people using a moving company to move to a new house, when people get married, divorced, or they simply decide to live together. Sadly, it is a fact that the growing amount of divorces is not unheard of for people to get a fresh start by searching for a smaller house. While others are not able to keep the family home on just a single income are forced to look for other options.


Job transfers or promotions

A promotion sometimes leads to a relocation, providing the opportunity to getting a new home, and normally with promotion comes an increase in salary, so increasing their new property choice.


Closer to Family

Family has a huge impact on people’s lives and also regarding their choice of house. Homeowners will sell up and move closer to their loved ones. This is an ever increasing lifestyle choice around the globe.


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