Haven’t Thought of Moving Yet? Think Again!

Things That We Need to Consider before Booking the Services of a Moving & Storage Company


The market value of different properties around the US is constantly rising. This is why, less people nowadays think about buying their own place and more are oriented towards a rental property. Some of our moving & storage company members decided to make a short research amongst people who are constantly changing the rental properties that they live in. This research is done in order to find out the factors which influence tenant’s choice when they are in the process of selecting accommodation in Virginia Beach, VA. Read on if you are interested to learn what commonly drives people towards changing their place of residence!


  • It is not surprising that proximity to work or schools is the leading factor which influences people to move. About 27.3% of the interviewed claimed that they moved at least once in their lives in order to cut their daily traveling distance.
  • The housing cost is another important factor. There are many families with low incomes who have started moving to cheaper rental apartments because their savings started decreasing during the financial crisis. The economical recession in the US lead to lowering the working hours, and therefore, the salaries of many workers which drove them towards moving to a less convenient but cheaper place of living. About 16,5% of the people our team has interviewed claimed that.
  • Property taxes. About 12,5% of the tenants do not like to pay separately the utility bills, especially when they are too high for their budget, which is why they have started seeking for properties where the taxes and utility bills are being paid by the owner (but included in the rental fee,of course).
  • Safety. Living in a safe neighbourhood is a leading factor for families with kids. About 12% of them insist on living in a safe place where their kids can play outdoors.
  • Proximity to the downtown or the administrative center. About 15.1% of the interviewed pointed this as a leading factor for their relocation. A lively downtown is the most attractive factor for young people to move in the central parts of the town.
  • Entertainment and nightlife. For 6,1 % of the locals being at a walking distance from nice places to have a few drinks with friends is a key factor to help them avoid DUI accidents and have fun out of their homes at least a few times a week.
  • Proximity to water. People have always associated water with vacation and stress-relieving activities. Water sports are a leading factor for 4,6% of the locals.
  • Good shopping options. Shopping for weeks ahead can be really boring and rather ineffective strategy in some cases, which is why proximity to shops and pharmacies is of great importance for some people. Shopaholics are 3,6% of the local population.
  • Peace and tranquility.  Although only 2.3% of locals value this factor, it is likely for older couples to move in the outskirts in their quest for silence.

No matter in which group you fall into, you need to be sure that next time when relocating, you are being helped by a professional crew. A reliable local moving & storage company that you can trust is Bos Moving Company Inc! We are licensed and insured for your peace of mind! For more information about our latest discounts and availability, call us at (757) 250-2069.

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