How Do Movers Transport Heavy Furniture to Their Trucks?

What Tools Does a Professional Moving Company Use


The phrase folding sack truck is normally only in the United Kingdom, and it basically refers to a hand manoeuvrable, wheeled transporter ,usually referred to as a dolly in other places in the world. Since this device is operated using the hands, it’s also referred to as a hand truck. Two wheel dolly and a hand cart are other names used by a moving company for a folding sack truck. When not being used, folding hand trucks can be folded to a compact size useful when storing.


Industrial sack trucks are made from metal, while household and office versions ones are lightweight. The frame of both will be open in the center or could come with several metal supporting bars. The top of the metal frame acts as the handle, while the bottom has a shelf like toe plate. This toe plate is used as the loading platform of a folding sack truck, on either side are wheels. The wheels on quality commercial sack trucks are durable tires made to move easily over different surfaces.


Some industrial folding sack trucks could be changed for other functions. For example, a wheeled dolly could have two wheels close to the handle to make it into a trolley cart. The handle can be lowered so the extra wheels are touching the ground and parallel to the bigger wheels. The hollow frame provides a surface for carrying more materials.


Some sack trucks come with adjustable features like movable hollow plastic squares which can be positioned close to the handle to hold a trash bag. The hand cart becomes a temporary garbage sack to house scraps of metal or other materials. Although most of these sack trucks are black or silver, some come in red so that they are more visible. These devices are mostly used by a professional moving company to help with transporting heavy items to their moving truck.


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