How to Safely Relocate Musical Instruments

Tips to Help You Pack Your Music Instruments and Get Them Ready to Be Transported by Your Moving Company


If you have heavy or extra fragile musical instruments to pack before you move to a new home, you will definitely need some guidance on how to relocate them in a proper and safe manner. This post will provide you with the necessary tips to do this!


The smallest piano is 54 inches long and weighs between 500-600lbs. The average piano has about 230 strings. This makes it the most complicated and delicate instrument to move even for a professional moving company like Bos Moving Company Inc. This is why, today, our team will focus mainly on its relocation. Other, smaller instruments, usually have special cases, so you really won’t need any extra wrapping to get them delivered safely. As long as you have nice soft specialty cases to put your highly valued instruments in, you can rest assured that they will not get damaged.


What should be done to wrap and relocate a piano?

  • Use a 4-wheel piano dolly, it will help you do a much better job than if you use muscle power only.
  • Tip and lift the piano to a maximum of 2 steps.
  • Use inclines while boarding it in or out of a truck.
  • On the ramp, keep the end of the keyboard towards the bottom.
  • Belt it two or three times to the truck wall in order to avoid a fall or any potential minor damage.
  • Clear the parking space in advance.


It is really important to have a good communication with your moving crew so that you can explain to them how they need to handle this expensive instrument you own. In order to find someone you can trust your relocation job to, we recommend you to call our office in Virginia Beach, VA at (757) 250-2069. One of our assistants will explain everything that you need to know about the locking piano belts, hump straps, piano dollies, skid boards and other piano moving supplies which our moving company uses! And you, on your side, will be able to recommend some extra safety wrapping and transportation supplies and equipment that you believe are needed! We guarantee that our safe service will match all of your requirements!


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