Looking for Somewhere to Store Your Belongings before You Move?

Not Sure What Size Unit You Will Need to Rent from a Moving & Storage Company?


Standard storage units supplied from a moving & storage company start from 5 x 10 ft to 20 x 20 ft. Nearly every unit comes with an 8 ft high ceiling, except ones made to house recreational vehicles. Some come climate controlled, which is really important for the likes of leather furniture or other items which are damaged by too much heat.


A 5 x 10 ft unit is around the size of a walk in closet. This unit is 50 sq ft and can house a chair, sofa, mattress, dresser, in addition to boxes and other small items. The next size is 10 x 10 ft., and it is around the same size of a big walk in closet or half of a one car garage. It generally holds everything from a one bedroom apartment, which is around three rooms of furniture, boxes and maybe appliances.


A 10 x 15 ft storage unit has around 150 sq ft of space, and it will hold a two bedroom apartment. This unit will hold all furnishings and any appliances. A 10 x 20 ft space is around the size of a small one, car garage. This 200 sq ft space will store a small house, or apartment including all appliances. Without appliances or any furnishings, it will hold a truck or a car.


The next sized moving & storage company unit is 10 x 25 ft., and it is the the size of a one car garage and can store furnishings and appliances from a two bedroom house, and an automobile. A 10 x 30 ft unit, which is 300 sq ft. will store the entire contents of a 40 ft moving van. A 12 x 30 ft. storage unit is 360 sq ft. and will hold the likes of commercial items, construction or landscaping equipment, or the entire contents of a bigger house. A 20 x 20 ft unit will hold all items from an even larger home.


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