Move and Storage Prepping

Things To Prepare In Hiring A Moving & Storage Company

You are moving, but your new home is not ready yet. You are downsizing your house and need more space to keep items. Your long distance move needs to be delayed while you are still traveling. You have enlisted to attend camp training for a few months and need somewhere to keep your valuables safe. Call a moving & storage company for help! But before booking their service, check the items below on what to prepare and what the movers’ offer should include.


What You Should Do Beforehand

Pack small and loose items. Pack the small items together in the same box as much as possible. This will help you keep them in one place should you need to look for them in the future. Use the same box sizes. This will make it easier for you, or the storage company, to stack your belongings.  Storage space can also be utilized better. Fill boxes to the brim. This will prevent the boxes beneath from being damaged and the ones above from toppling. Wrap the furniture and other glass items. Cover and wrap furniture to preserve it. Place cardboard between mirrors and photo frames and stack them together to prevent them from breaking. Wash or clean and dry appliances. Keep your appliances clean and dry before putting them in storage to discourage pests. Keep a list of the items to store. This will help you track items you put into storage.


What to Look for From the Movers

To choose the right company to cater to your needs, check if they have the following: Multiple security systems, which include surveillance cameras, alarms, and fire safety systems. Controlled-temperature storage units can store sensitive items like furniture, books, and electronics that are reactive to slight temperature changes. Property insurance that would cover your items and valuables should anything happen to them in storage or during transportation.


To ensure you work with the best moving & storage company, look no further. Bos Moving Company Inc is in Virginia Beach, VA and we can help you have peace of mind while you are moving. Reach us at (757) 250-2069 today to tailor-fit your moving needs.

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