Moving Basics: What to Keep in Mind When Moving

Your “To-Do’s” During Moving: Local Movers Suggest

Any moving tips would be helpful when packing up your whole life for a new residence. If you are one of the thousands of people who have picked up and moved their family to a new home, then you have fresh memories of some of the pros and cons or thrills or frustrations of moving.  However, there are a lot of ways to help make your household move hassle and stress-free. Check out what most movers suggest:

Take Note!

Write everything down! You will thank yourself later. Before you pack one box, it is wise to keep a notebook where you can write all the things important for the move. You print a list of numbers with space where you can write the contents. Every box you’ll pack will have a designated number in your notebook where you can write what’s in it.

Supplies.. Supplies.. Supplies…

Don’t make me say it more than thrice – you’ll need enough of supplies for your move. A LOT of boxes (probably more than you need), packing tapes, duct tapes and more.  Make sure that the tapes you buy are of high quality enough to close up the boxes securely.  Also, you can use unprinted newsprint or bubble wrap for your household good.

Wardrobe Boxes are Your Best friends!

These tall boxes are ideal for bulky yet lightweight items like pillows, comforters, blankets and even clothes. It is recommended to contact your local mover to ask the dimensions of the wardrobe boxes they’ll be delivering. So that you will know if it could fit your clothes hanger.  Most movers will be glad to deliver boxes before your moving schedule. Or if you’re doing the relocation yourself get things organized as early as possible.

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