Not Sure If You Should Move Your Piano or Leave It to the Experts?

Tips from a Professional Piano Mover on Moving Pianos


A professional piano mover normally charges a flat fee which is calculated upon the size and weight of a piano, the distance it needs to be moved, how difficult it will be, the time it takes to move it, plus any waiting time which could be also included.


Moving Equipment

Before moving your piano, you need the proper equipment. Renting is sometimes a better choice for you than buying the equipment, due to the fact you may never use it again, and purchasing it is a waste of good money. Heavy duty straps are needed to secure the piano, a moving dolly which is capable of supporting its weight, plus padding material to protect the piano when being moved. A four-wheel dolly that has rubber wheels is an excellent choice when moving pianos. A truck that is big enough to safely carry the piano may also need to be rented; this is if you are moving it to another address.


Protecting a Piano

You must ensure to close and lock a piano’s keyboard lid before it is moved; this is to make sure the fragile keys will not get damaged with the move. The piano has to be wrapped securely in padding, then secured with tape so its body is not scratched or chipped when getting moved. You can use protective plastic placed over the padding for more security should you wish.


Moving the Piano

A piano is never lifted by its legs as any professional piano mover will tell you, and you should never tie any straps around them. The piano must always be in the upright position as any other way could damage its internal mechanics. You can place straps under the belly of a piano and get one person to hold one end of the strap. This does mean you require a minimum of four people to do the job correctly. Then a piano is ready to be lifted on to the dolly and tightly secured. While moving it to the truck, make sure you hold the handle all the time. Look out for door jambs and thresholds as these can make it a bumpy ride.


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