Statistics and Facts on Moving

Cool Facts about a Moving & Storage Company

Imagine that you are in the middle of the hottest month of the year. It’s a scorching July day. And most moving & storage company employees are looking to keep cool and calm as they are preparing to carry out their scheduled move. No one can predict or control the weather; however, we have decided to provide some cool moving facts regarding movers in general.

Fact 1
The moving & storage company industry took root around the 1800s in the surrounding areas of the ever expanding rail road system. The first horse pulled moving wagons were first used at the turn of the century.

Fact 2
Hiring your local moving & storage company to oversee your move cost less than renting a truck and doing it yourself. Most movers will pack, be fully insured for transportation, and could even pay the gas and tolls costs. Small things such as these begin to add up if you decide to cover the whole moving process alone.

Fact 3
The US Census Bureau states that an American moves on average 11.7 times over their lifetime.

Fact 4
About 43 million Americans move every year. That is the same amount of people which enjoyed going camping in 2011. Which is a lot of campers and movers.

Fact 5
The Employee Relocation Council say that moving is the third stressful life event, closely followed by the death of a loved one or a divorce. If you choose to hire professional movers, they will ensure you have a stress free move.

Fact 6
This fact is really not related to move, but we decided to include it. President Reagan in 1984 stated that July was to be the National Ice Cream Month, and the 3rd Sunday in July was to be National Ice Cream Day. So if you decide to move on this date, simply sit back, enjoy your ice cream, and let your moving firm do the work for you.

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