Tips to Help You Avoid Any Damage during a Home Relocation

Moving Safety Tips from a Professional Moving & Storage Company

As you probably already know, planning a home relocation is not an easy process and definitely requires some time. The reason why not many people get compensated for an accidental damage which occurred during a move is because they did not think about the risk in advance and did not book a licensed moving & storage company with a liability insurance.

Packing and unloading boxes with valuable items can be a little risky when you do not use the right packing supplies, or the containers you use are not made of a thick durable material. For example, if you do not wrap your LCD TV in plenty of bubble wrap and do not secure it in a thick cardboard box, it is very likely that it will scratched or even broken while being loaded and unloaded from the moving truck. In order to make sure that all of the fragile items around your home are packed well, we strongly recommend you to book professional packing services. Usually companies that offer moving services have all the necessary supplies and knowledge to perform quality packing. DIY packing is a bit risky, so you’d better avoid it if you can afford expert help instead.

If you have packed the boxes yourself, do not forget to mark them with a label or a note, so that the team of your moving & storage company knows that they are fragile and have to be handled gently. You should also make an inventory sheet with all of your high-value items (over $100) in order to handle it to your movers. Do not forget to make a copy for yourself as well. Do not sign the inventory list immediately after the moving truck arrives at your new home. First make sure that everything is in a good condition. You can even plug in all of the appliances and electronics to make sure they work properly.

Movers may sometimes label boxes PBO (Packed By the Owner) if they are not sure that you have wrapped the items inside securely. These items will not be insured against damage. In order to book a moving & storage company in Virginia Beach, VA that can answer all of your further questions, you can dial (757) 250-2069. The moving specialists of Bos Moving Company Inc are always ready to help!


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