Want to Know Why People Move around so Much?

Interesting Facts about a Moving & Storage Company


The five biggest moving & storage company services in the industry are, Public and Extra Space Storage, CubeSmart, Sovran, and U-Haul International.


Moving is part of everyday life, and many people move every year! However, exactly how many people do move, when do they ,and why do they? Below are some interesting facts on moving:


Approximately how many people move every year?

An estimated 43 million Americans move per year.

Why do they move?

Around 40% of every move is because of work, 42% are personal, and 18% are military or government moves.

What about people who rent?

About 33% of people that rent move every year.

Areas where people move the most?

People in the North East of the US move the least, while people in the West move the most.

What does an average mover look like?

The average mover is normally a part of a couple who are around 25 and 44 years old, who have at least one or two kids aged between 2 and 11.


There are around 49,940 moving & storage company storage facilities in the US alone.

Total storage space in the U.S. is approximately 2.3 billion square feet. This number represents over 78 square miles of storage space or an region more than three times the size of Manhattan.


These units made in 2011 alone, over $22.45 billion or twice what Americans spent when going to the movies.


About 1 in 10 households rent a storage unit. This has increased from 1 in 17 households back in 1995.


Now that you know how big the storage industry really is, before renting any storage space, ask yourself some basic questions first.


What do you want to use the storage space for?

Does it have to be climate controlled?

What is the minimum period of the lease?

Who else has access to it?

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