What Is the Procedure on Unpaid Storage Units?

What Happens If You Cannot Pay Your Moving & Storage Company Rent?


You could find out that you are unable to pay your moving & storage company rental bill this month. However, don’t panic, talk to your facility manager to assure them your unit has not been abandoned, and maybe you will be able to work something out with them.


Renting a storage unit offers excellent convenience for any extra items you do not have the room for. It can be expensive, but it is worth the extra cost. There will be times when storage units house items which belong to people that are no longer able to afford the rental fee. Should you be in this position, you should discuss it with the manager of the moving & storage company facility.


Keeping in contact with the manager will help stop any misunderstandings which could happen between the unit renter and landlord or owner of the unit. Should you think you are going to have some problems making the monthly payments, telephone or speak to the manager about it. Check to see if there is a solution to this. Never simply ignore the situation and think they will house your belongings forever. The law says that in most states, the owner of the storage facility has the right to sell off your belongings after a certain amount of time has passed.


The unit could be thought as abandoned should you not pay and if the facility doesn’t hear from you. They will be within their rights to empty out the unit to prepare it for a paying customer should you not pay for the unit. Some individuals that have items in storage could have unusual circumstances which the storage facility has no idea about. Some pass away leaving no issue, or their heirs live in a far away town and don’t want to collect the items, some could be in accidents, get ill or are institutionalized, or simply move leaving their belongings behind.


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