What to Look for in a Professional Piano Moving Company

What Is the Job Description of a Professional Piano Mover?


A piano mover is someone who specializes with the transferring of pianos from one place to another. Whether moving it between different floors in the same building, or moving it from one part of the country to another, moving a piano takes a lot of skills to stop damage being done to the instrument, not to mention causing injury to the movers as well. In order to move a piano safely and with minimum risk to themselves or the owner, a piano mover uses special equipment and techniques and should be fully insured also.


Sometimes individuals try to cut down on costs by using friends and family members to move their belongings. However, when it comes down to moving a piano, it is always advisable to hire a professional piano mover. These instruments are very heavy, and depending on the model, they can weigh anywhere from 300 to 1,300 pounds. Also, their casing and mechanisms are quite fragile. A professional will have the experience to guide your piano safely between floors, tight areas, and in and out of moving trucks.


Depending on how heavy the piano is and how difficult the job is, piano movers normally work in a team. Usually, they use two vital pieces of equipment: a dolly and pads. A dolly is a flat bed on wheels. The piano will be strapped on top of this, so it is easily pushed over surfaces. Moving pads are thick pieces of cloth that are wrapped around the instrument to stop any damage being done to its body.


While transporting an upright piano in a single story house is straightforward, sometimes the job can be more complicated. If the mover is moving a grand piano which does not fit through doorways, the mover will have to remove the pianos legs and lid. If the movers have to transfer the piano from an upper floor to the street, they might end up using a special crane to move the instrument.


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